Top 5 Reasons to Consider Clairvoyant PR for Your Next Campaign

1) Work Ethic

To us, PR is more than just a job field, it's our passion, our lives. This means we put more than 40 hours a week into our craft. Consistently researching emerging outlets guarantees maximum exposure to press. While we do occasionally sleep, it is our dream to rise up with our clients.

2) Past History

Before starting his own firm, founder Shawn Hallman has already secured placements in OkayplayerMass AppealHuffPostDownbeatSF WeeklySubstream MagazineRelixOC WeeklyNPR, nationally syndicated radio programs, local TV and newspapers, countless non-comm radio playlists, and much more.  

3) Always-Available Support

Constant communication is our main priority. We don't take a day off, got an idea on your mind? You can't control when inspiration hits. Call us up anytime and let's think it through and put our best ideas into action. Constant reporting and on-demand calls make sure you know just what your money is going to, which leads us to the next reason:

4) Value

We do this because we love it. That being said, you'll be hard-pressed to find better quotes for your project. A young, efficient, humbly progressive nature and lifestyle allow us to do more with less.

5) Your Music Deserves It

If you're like us, you pour your heart and soul into music. Isn't it time to get it in front of your audience? With market saturation comes the need to stand out, and that's exactly what PR can do for you.

Shawn Hallman